Manager’s Messages

Community Care Improvements

Improvements to our service are coming soon. Beginning January 3, 2023 we will be streamlining our call for service methods to improve efficiencies.

The result will mean shorter wait times that will provide a method to better prioritize emergencies and effectively handle less urgent concerns.

Parking Concerns

If you receive a citation on your vehicle, please contact Patrol One immediately to determine what actions are necessary to prevent further citations. All vehicles parked in the open spaces require a PERMIT or MUST BE SAFELISTED. Your RFID sticker that permits entrance DOES NOT permit parking.

Community Maintenance Concern

If you have a community maintenance concern, please contact Action Property Management. The most efficient method is through your Resident portal. You may also chat, email or call. There is someone available 24 hours for emergencies.

Are HOA’s subject to water restrictions?

The Association must adhere to state regulations concerning water conservation. Please see the link below for useful information

Common Area Parking

Any vehicle parked in the common open parking spaces must either have a Digital Permit (this is not the RFID sticker you get for access to the community), or be safe listed. If the vehicle does not have either, it is subject to citation and towing at the vehicle owners expense. Please visit the Patrol One website if you need to obtain a permit or safe list a vehicle, If you get a citation please contact the number for Patrol One that should be located on the Citation 714.541.0999 or 949.367.8055they will help you identify what is necessary to address it.


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