Manager’s Messages

Parking Variance Renewal

In accordance with the Community Parking Rules, each resident is allotted two digital permits to park in the open parking spaces within the community. These are provided to each resident at no cost. Residents must contact and complete the Patrol One Application to obtain these permits. The registered vehicle license serves as the permit.

Additional permits are available at $150.00 per authorized vehicle. Residents must submit a Parking Permit Variance Application for consideration prior to September 1, 2021. If you currently have additional digital permits they will no longer be valid after September 1, 2021, if you do not have them renewed. The variance is valid for 12 months, from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

You may access the application on the Resident Portal.

Community Painting

The Board has contracted with Premier Painting to complete the painting of the Seabridge Village red curbs throughout the community. This work will commence July 12th. In addition, they will start phase one of the building painting to begin at 8201 Racepoint. Upon satisfactory completion they will complete the remainder of the Racepoint properties. The Board will provide updates on continuing phases as they are contracted.

Landscape Enhancements

The Association has ongoing Community Wide Projects that directly impact the landscaping located adjacent to the units. At this time no major community planting will be done to these areas. The landscape may sustain significant damage to the newly installed plant material.

Therefore, after these projects have been completed, the Association will evaluate areas that require landscape enhancement.

Thank you for your understanding

Pine Tree Trimming

Harvest Landscape will be on site Monday 5/25/21 continuing the trimming of select pine tree species throughout the community.

Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation for select units is scheduled for the month of August 2021. The impacted residents have been notified by mail and email for those we have email for. A notice has been posted on site for the pre-fumigation meeting that will take place onsite in the month of July 2021. If you have questions please contact the pest control company.


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