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Seabridge Village - Election Results  


Your Association’s Annual Meeting of the Members was held on January 16, 2019. The Election of Directors was completed. Five (5) Directors were elected to serve a one (1) year term.


            NAMES OF CANDIDATES                                           NUMBER OF VOTES CAST           

            Craig Robert Egge                                                         124      

            Laurel Klaus                                                                  124      

            Kelly McGinnis                                                              58       

            Katia O’Connor                                                             102      

            Fred Sadeghi                                                                 69       



The five (5) candidates receiving the highest number of votes are as follows and will serve for a one (1) year term.



            Craig Robert Egge                                                                     

            Laurel Klaus

            Kelly McGinnis

            Katia O’Connor

            Fred Sadeghi                                                                




The members further voted to allocate any excess funds at the end of the current fiscal year to the subsequent year’s member assessments.


                                                                                                NUMBER OF VOTES CAST


            In Favor                                                                          87

            Opposed                                                                           7

            Abstained                                                          ______    32____


Posted 1/17/2019 1:10 PM
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