Herbicide Treatment March 7th thru March 10th

Posted By on March 2, 2023

Harvest Landscape Enterprises will be applying herbicide to the turf areas throughout the community beginning March 7th and continuing through March 10th, to help control weed growth. The herbicide being applied is most active immediately after use and will dissipate within 24 hours once the lawn is dry.

One of the main benefits of weed treatment in turf is that it can help to improve the overall appearance of the lawn. Weeds can make a lawn look untidy and unkempt, and they can also interfere with the growth of the grass, resulting in a thin, patchy lawn. By applying weed treatment, you can help to eliminate weeds and promote healthy, vigorous growth of the grass, resulting in a more attractive and well-maintained lawn.

Turf areas throughout the community will be inaccessible during and 24 hours after herbicide application. The Seabridge Village Community Park, and the large green space between Racepoint and Mainsail, across from Tidepool, and the green space facing Sealargo, will be treated on Thursday March 9th, and will not be accessible again until March 11th.

The sequence of treatment map, has been saved on your Resident Portal under the Maps folder for reference.

Thank you for your understanding.


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