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2024 Budget

All members should have received their annual budget and policy statement by mail or email. A copy is also available on the action life Resident Portal. Also there have been some questions concerning a special assessment. There are no special assessments for 2024.

Adams Entry Closed

The Adams entry gate is closed for construction until the week of November 6, 2023. Pleaes contact Seabridge Village Master for details or any questions. You may reach the Community Manager, Martha Bryan at mbryan@actionlife.com.

How gate entry and parking work for members of the Seabridge Village HOA Community

Gate Entry on Beach Blvd.

Gate Entry on Adams Ave.

  • Guest Entry: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Guest Entry Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Resident Entry: 24 hours 7 days a week

***All other information provided under Beach Blvd. Gate Entry apply to Adams Ave. Gate Entry***

Parking in Seabridge Village 

Important Reminders

  1. A guest pass issued at a guard gate, either Beach Blvd. or Adams Ave., does not Safelist a vehicle for overnight parking. If the vehicle will be parked overnight in an outside spot it will need to be safelisted with Patrol One https://patrol-one.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?sid=aa494ecd-4899-4d26-b72b-cd37e0588fac
  2. An RFID sticker (Resident Gate Entry Permit) does not register the vehicle to the home as the Homeowners Vehicle. To register the vehicle to the home a request must be made to Foxy Hudson, Community Manager fhudson@actionlife.com otherwise this vehicle will be seen as a guest vehicle which would require Safelisting with Patrol One if parked overnight. 
  3. Resident Parking permits, issued through Patrol One, give residents permission to park the vehicle in an outside space however it does NOT permit parking in a FIRE LANE, the storage of a vehicle over 72 hours, or a car covered where the license plate is NOT visible.  
  4. If you have not received your RFID sticker (or it requires replacement or you need additional ones), you need access to your DwellingLIVE account, or you have questions regarding the gates please reach out to Martha Bryant, Community Manager mbryan@actionlife.com
  5. If you do not have a Patrol One account, if you need to register a vehicle to your home, or if you have questions about the safelisting of guest vehicles please reach out to Foxy Hudson, Community Manager fhudson@actionlife.com or Action Property Management managerassistantsoc@actionlife.com

Community Painting

The next phase of community painting has began. The crew is currently on Atwater. After completion on Atwater they will head to Bridgepoint and then finish on Sandcove. Those impacted should be sure to pay attention to the notices posted by the painting crew to prepare.

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